Mission of Ukraine to the European Union

Kyiv 15:11

Contact us

The company which needs the support of the Helpdesk may submit an appropriate query to the following e-mail address: tem_eu@mfa.gov.ua .

This query may be prepared in a free form however it should precisely reflect main points of the request or business proposal and include following information:

-         name and address of the enterprise and it’s web-page;

-         general information about the company;

-         precise description of goods (services) concerned, its CN code (8 digits);

-         in case of search for any kind of partnership (franchise, transport/logistics, merger or exchange of shares, subcontracting /outsourcing activities, joint venture etc.) – detailed description of the issue;

-         obtained certificates of compliance with international and European standards;

-         contact details of the person responsible for this issue in company.