Mission of Ukraine to the European Union

Kyiv 15:13

Association Committee


The Association Committee was established in accordance with Article 464(1) of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union and assists the Association Council in the performance of its duties and performs the tasks provided for in the Agreement and assigned to it by the Association Council. Pursuant to Article 465(1) of the Agreement, the Association Council determines in its Rules of Procedure the duties and functioning of the Association Committee.

The Association Committee substitutes Ukraine – EU Cooperation Committee, which was envisaged by the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Ukraine and the European Communities.

The Association Committee prepares the meetings and the deliberations of the Association Council, implements the decisions of the Association Council where appropriate and ensures continuity of the association relationship and the proper functioning of the Agreement in general. The Association Committee considers any matter referred to it by the Association Council as well as any other matter which may arise in the course of the day-to-day implementation of the Agreement. The Association Committee submits proposals or any draft decisions or recommendations for adoption to the Association Council.

The Association Committee is composed of senior civil servants of Ukraine and the EU from the various sectors of cooperation. It meets at least once a year.

In addition, establishment of the Association Committee in a trade configuration is foreseen by the Association Agreement.

Pursuant to Article 465(4) of the Agreement, the Association Committee in Trade configuration performs the tasks conferred upon it under Title IV of the Agreement. It shall be composed of senior officials of the European Commission and of Ukraine who are responsible for trade and trade-related matters.

The Association Committee is assisted by the sectoral sub-committees, in particular two subcommittes that were established by the EU-Ukraine Association Council decision No2/2014:

 (1)      Sub-Committee on Freedom, Security and Justice

(2)       Sub-Committee on Economic and Other Sector Cooperation which consistes of 6 clusters.

Since 2015 three Ukraine - EU Association Committee meetings took place:

-       on 13-15 July 2015 in Brussels;

-       on 5-6 July 2016 in Kyiv;

on 29-30 June 2017 in Brussels.