Mission of Ukraine to the European Union

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Education and culture

Education and culture


The European Union attaches great importance to the implementation of educational and academic areas of the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy aimed at updating and improving higher education systems in the EU Member States. The European Commission’s Communication, prepared and published in September 2011, on the state of the education system in the European Union provides for efficient modernization of this sector by introducing innovative approaches, increasing the number of investments in the field of education, including vocational education, in order to develop a skilled labour market, create new jobs, increase an employment rate among the youth through a new EU Erasmus+ programme.

Following similar objectives, in 2014 Ukraine joined EU Erasmus+ programme as a partner country. In autumn 2014, in order to raise awareness of the EU programme in Ukraine, a network of Erasmus+ Ukraine programme (http://www.erasmusplus.org.ua/) was established in Kyiv and regions of Ukraine, providing the necessary advisory support for Ukrainian citizens for the participation in competitions within the framework of the programme.


Ukraine is interested in entering the European cultural and creative industry.

For this purpose an Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the European Commission on the participation of Ukraine in the "Creative Europe" Programme was signed on 19 November 2015, which enabled the participation of interested Ukrainian audience in projects and calls for proposals covered by the Programme.

The Programme budget the implementation period of which is up to 2020 is 1.46 billion euro. The Programme consists of three components: "Culture" (31% of the budget), "Media" (56%) and sectoral area (13%). The Programme provides financial support for the implementation of projects in 18 areas, each of which covers a separate sector or type of activity.

The National Bureau of the Programme was established to implement the Agreement and coordinate the involvement of Ukrainian participants.

More details about the Programme and the activities of the National Bureau can be found on the official websites:



Ukraine remains an important partner of the European Union in the context of the EU Eastern Partnership initiative in the humanitarian field. Ukraine is represented in all working groups of the EaP thematic platforms, including Platform 4 “Contacts between people,” as well as a special thematic panel on research and innovation.

Since September 2015, Ukraine has been a beneficiary of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme II aimed at transferring the European expertise of creating a favourable competitive environment in the field of cultural and creative industries to create an effective modern model of development and management of this sector. The Programme also supports the development of contacts between business and academic circles involved in the cooperation in fields of culture and creative industry.